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According to Israel Water Authority officials, the price of water rose 4.12% January 1, 2019. That hurts many personal budgets. Here’s something to make us shiver more: a December Electricity rates in Israel to rise 6% next month – Globes headline during one of Israel’s coldest winters ever.

Israelis are suffering from all this. Most Israeli buildings, including apartments and houses, lack central heating. People rely on the same portable heaters that created large electric bills even when rates were lower last year. But the machines are expensive to operate, and are rarely used long enough to heat a home more than an hour or so. All too often, people shiver under sweaters, and layers of clothing under them, because heating bills cost more than many people can afford.

The good news is that the price of food-grade olive oil might fall with the Finance Ministry’s help, and that medicine prices are falling. But those realities don’t offset the rising costs of water, clothing, and groceries. Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s work is cut out for 2019 because even families with two wage earners are not earning all that much, according to another headline on January 7, 2019.

Average gross monthly wage in Israel stands at NIS 10,391

The Central Bureau of Statistics said Monday that the average gross monthly wage in Israel increased by 5 percent since 2017 and currently stands at NIS 10,391

The holiday of Tu B’shvat, the New Year for trees, will arrive in less than two weeks. Israelis celebrate the festive day with delicious fruits native to Israel. Please help us to serve those delights to the adults and children counting on us to help them. Their happiness could make your enjoyment of the holiday that much nicer, too.

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