Yad Ezra V’Shulamit operates 37 youth clubs from the far north to the development towns of the southern Negev. With over 3,000 teens from age 14 to 22 attending these clubs regularly, YES is offering an alternative to the streets for many of Israel’s at-risk youth.  For some of the younger boys and girls, we work to help them stay in school, providing tutoring, meeting with their teachers and parents to facilitate communication and coordinate support.  For those who have dropped out of school, we offer constructive activities, counseling, and direct them to vocational training in an effort to help them enter the job market. By the time they are 18,  85% of these high-school dropouts, former felon, and teens-at-risk  who come to our centers  show readiness to either join the work force or advance in the ladder of Israeli society and register as soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces.
Our goal is to get them off the streets, off of drugs and crime and into a normative life style and become a contributing member of Israeli society.