“If your brother becomes impoverished and loses the ability to support himself with you, you must come to his aid, help him survive….” Leviticus 25;35


שירותי ייעוץ והכוונה תעסוקתית

ע”ש יוסף בן משה הלוי בלומברג

 Job Desk

in Memory of

George Bloomberg


Helping a person to find work before s/he becomes dependent on others is the highest form of charity. The Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Job Desk was set up to empower needy Jerusalem area residents to return to the job market (or, in some instances, to enter it for the first time).  Since its inception in 2008, this part-time Yad Ezra V’Shulamit service has grown to 18 hours a week and contributes toward breaking the cycle of poverty in the community.

The Job Desk is headed by a professional employment counselor who is also an experienced social worker (MSW). She matches open job opportunities to a broad range of needy clients of all ages and differing backgrounds, including members of food basket recipient families and individuals in debt.

Clients with varied skills and experience often turn to us after long periods of unsuccessful job hunts. Some fell between the cracks of society due to hardships (including trauma or illness).  Many do not have academic degrees, including those that lack even a high school bagrut qualification that is frequently required by local employers. Some individuals are considered to be difficult to place or even “unemployable”.

What We Offer:  Each client receives free employment advice according to her/his needs. We begin the job search process according to “where the client is”.

In addition to career counseling, job seekers receive optimized CV writing and editing, guidance with cover letters, tips in preparation for interviews, and self-marketing techniques.

When they are ready, unemployed and underemployed job seekers are referred to potential employers.

As a result of the process, some obtain full-time work, while others find part-time positions or develop a home business.

Our individually tailored approach enables job seekers to pursue incremental success according to their abilities. Thus, each month, two or three Job Desk clients find employment opportunities.


FREE Referral & Consulting Service for Employers

Our database offers employers a wide range of serious job seekers with a variety of skills and work experience.

If you –or someone you know– can OFFER A JOB to a resident of the greater Jerusalem area, please contact the Job Desk Manager:  jobfinder@yadezra.net

We interview each potential job seeker & refer only those who best meet your criteria. You choose from among the top candidates appropriate for your business.


 Call 02-664-5159.

Outside of Job Desk hours, please leave a message with the office staff: 02-664-5152/3.

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/JrslmHire