Yad Ezra V’Shulamit was founded in 1998 with the initial goal of providing immediate hunger relief
to dozens of Israeli families in need. While this goal was the primary focal point and will always be
considered to be part of the organization’s future donations, it was not the only aspect of the long
term plan. From the beginning, we understood that poverty does not exist in a vacuum.

Contributing food to the hungry may ease the immediate essential daily requirements for families
living in dire conditions, but the perpetuation of poverty would still be prevalent. Therefore, we set
out to truly break the cycle of poverty once and for all by providing a “full service” humanitarian
offering of sorts. This would go on to include after school educational programs, academic
enrichment via personalized tutoring, professional guidance, and activities for teens at risk. This
type of charity focuses on the empowerment of the individual through tailored rehabilitation, which
assists in building self-confidence and ultimately future success.

Recent reports show that close that 30% of Israeli children don’t eat breakfast due to poverty.
These children have an increased likelihood of experiencing significant problems in their physical,
social and mental development over the course of their lives. The long and short term effects of
missing breakfast in children include behavioral issues, impaired growth and development and
increased susceptibility to lingering diseases. These are just a handful of potential issues that a
malnourished child is likely to deal with as he/she grows older. Not only can this have severe
consequences on the child while growing up but also on his future.

You have the power to completely reverse this trend and to prevent unnecessary tragedy. Through
your generous contributions, Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s is able to give hungry children a nutritious
breakfast that includes bread, yoghurt, vegetables and a healthy snack.

Let’s give children in Israel a future they deserve and help sustain healthy growth for the country.