It’s hard to think about a child shivering indoors, but the poor face this dilemma every winter.  With no money for heaters or heating bills, in poorly insulated homes, Jewish children and families under the poverty line dread the cold of winter inside their homes.

“It is warmer inside then outside, but we can still see our breath inside the house, said Miriam, a mother of several children.  Sometimes it actually rains in the house.  That is the worst”.   It is not an uncommon story among the poor in Israel.

As the weather turns colder, children in Israel are exposed to cold weather without a coat.

We don’t think of a coat or a blanket as a luxury. But for many poor families in Israel, the cost of such items  is just not in the budget.  There isn’t enough money for that kind of expense.  So what do parents do?

“We have one coat for 2 children so they take turns wearimg it”, said Miram X, the recipient of a food basket from Yad Ezra V’Shulamit.  “What else can we do?  I can’t send my child outside without a coat in winter temperatures”.

 Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s annual winter drive provides a coat, heater and a blanket for thousands of children in Israel.    Help us keep Jewish children warm, healthy and happy in the winter months.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY!