Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Children’s Centers: Breaking the cycle of poverty… at it’s source! Yad Ezra V'Shulamit's Children Centers, located throughout the country, provide a nutritious lunch program, homework help and educational resources, and a loving environment to children in need. Meet Max, a child who attends the Children's Center in Jerusalem, a place where he feels is a home away from home.

Max (name has been changed to protect identity), aged 7, knows that Daddy won’t ask him how school was today, Daddy’s in hospital care, fighting a life-threatening brain tumor. Max also knows that Mommy is busy; constantly checking in on Daddy, back and forth from the hospital, always worrying about making sure he gets what he needs. And when time permits, Mommy is taking care of running their home, single-handed.

But for Max this is an ordinary school day, and his tummy rumbles as he knows he has a long afternoon ahead of him. Max so badly wants to do well in school. He knows how proud that would make Daddy and Mommy. But he’s hungry and he needs to focus to advance in learning how to read.

So today…Max goes to the Children’s Center. Max, like his friends at the Children’s Center, know that here they have a chance to brighten their future. Here, Max will get a delicious meal, a loving face to greet him after school, encouragement to do homework, and individualized help to keep up with his first grade reading assignment.

The YES Children’s Centers afford needy children, like Max, a variety of services to enable them to flourish on a day-to-day. These services include a hot, nutritious lunch program, homework help including specialized tutoring from professional counselors, and a warm encouraging environment which monitors  growth and addresses  individual needs. These services are too often neglected, due to illness, poverty, or a variety of other reasons, leaving children like Max hungry and falling behind in school.

At the Children’s Centers, we ensure that no underprivileged child is left to fend for themselves. Our Centers work tirelessly to enable Max and other children in need to achieve success, ensuring them a brighter tomorrow.