Israel’s rainy season has been a miraculous wonder. Our beloved Kineret, the source of much of Israel’s water for drinking, bathing, farming and more, has risen several centimeters above the danger line. This is the best news in two years. We’d been close to a catastrophe with insufficient water levels for several years in a row. With the newest downpours continuing into April (an astonishing weather phenomena all on its own!), the water level continues to rise. Not only did the water pass the danger zone, it is reaching a comfort zone for the water authority that distributes the life-saving liquid nationwide. The national mood rises with the water, a cultural fact long known about Israel. People are smiling and singing sweet songs about the water gathering in our famous lake. There’s only one detail that needs to be addressed: Cold, hungry people affected by long-lasting, cold, wet weather.

Yad Ezra v’Shulamit does a ’round the clock job of nourishing thousands of people so that they can fortify themselves to thrive from one day to the next. Now we are helping them to endure the long-lasting cold, rainy weather, too.

The Yad Ezra v’Shulamit Emergency Coat Campaign outfitted adults and children with warm outer wear. Most Israeli homes lack indoor heating, so we helped people to buy radiator heaters. We still need to warm people from the inside, a bit more. It is most unusual for Israel to be this cold and damp so close to Passover season. The weather is usually clear and dry by now.

Israel’s population is working hard to prepare private homes for the Passover holiday of physical and spiritual freedom. All that work builds more appetite. In this weather of low temperatures and damp air, it’s quite important to protect health with good nourishment.

Your generous donations can help us to stave off hunger as Israelis face their immediate and long-terms futures with enough food for staying healthy. Help Israelis to face the coming springtime with wide smiles and sparkling eyes.

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