warming hands with heater

 With all the crazy worldwide weather, a Polar Vortex that froze people to death in Chicago, the Midwest and East Coast’s bitter cold snap and January’s extremely low temperatures throughout Israel, you can easily imagine the suffering of people who do not have coats, scarves, gloves, and indoor heat. Israeli homes usually lack central heating and many lack even portable heaters. It’s a frightening challenge to keep Israel’s babies, little children and elderly adults warm in their homes. If they become too cold, their lives, and those of any seriously ill homebound Israelis, are endangered. You simply can’t imagine the gratitude of one mother who received room heaters from us. With three little ones under the age of six at home, she was desperate for help. We provided it, thanks to our donors.

snow storm

Spring is still too far off to expect a steady and stable rise in Israel’s temperatures. The winter of 2019 has been shockingly cold all over little Israel. Yad Ezra V’Shulamit is doing everything possible to prevent disaster. We are conducting an emergency campaign to buy more blankets and warm coats for people who desperately need them.