Basic Food Items

In 2017, 1.8 million Israelis lived below the poverty line. Things went from bad to worse. At the end of 2018 21.2% of Israel’s citizens met that miserable reality. The human side of these figures means that approximately one third of the Israeli population is so poor that basic needs such as sufficient nourishment, sanitation, housing, clothing, education, and healthcare aren’t being met. 

Can you live comfortably without those things?

Israel has the highest rate of poverty of any OECD country. Israel’s median income, according to the Trading/Economics site is a rather impoverished reality. “Wages in Israel increased to 10629.60 ILS ($2,952)/Month in November from 10591.80 ILS ($2,941)/Month in October of 2018. Wages in Israel averaged 8825.42 ILS ($2,451)/Month from 2005 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 10629.60 ILS ($2,952)/Month in November of 2018 and a record low of 7186 ILS ($2,177)/Month in February of 2005.”

Convert the above figures with the help of this currency converter and adapt the Israeli incomes to your own budget. How far did your heart sink and your eyebrows rise when you understood the problem?

We can put this into increased perspective with the help of Israel’s Bureau of Statistics and with Reut Institute, a non-partisan NPO based in Tel Aviv.  Reut’s staff members identify gaps between Israel’s strategies and policies. Glancing at the Reut Institute’s facts and figures  is enough to give a thinking, compassionate person pause. Though its online information is based on 2006 figures, 2019 poverty levels remain unabated.

Though your emotions might soar as you read Israel’s economy continues to flourish – Israel National News headlines, residents of Israel are adversely affected by the deep gap between the Start-Up Nation’s booming national prosperity and the typically small take-home pay slip. Though poorly educated people tend to fill the ranks of impoverished citizens, Israeli society has a wider range of educated people with marketable skills suffering the pain of being poor. T

Meanwhile, Israelis face a 3.4% price raise in dairy products, due to failure of the Knesset to pass price price regulation laws.

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