In early 2016, Yaffa contacted Yad Ezra v’Shulamit and asked to speak with the head of the organization as she “heard that the organization helps people get jobs.”

Yaffa had no regular income and had become homeless. She was offering to provide basic care provision for an older or infirm woman in exchange for a roof over her head and basic living conditions. She wrote of an inability to hold down a regular job at this time due to healing from trauma.

After the office referred Yaffa to the Job Desk, this potential client was contacted by the employment counselor. Yaffa maintained that she only wanted a place to stay, could not work now, and was not interested in meeting in person.

Throughout their exchange of emails, the counselor explained that even if she encountered such a situation as the one Yaffa desired, she could only refer a client to an appropriate position after they met face to face.

A couple of weeks passed before Yaffa progressed from email communication to speaking via phone. Soon thereafter, she agreed to meet in person and sent in versions of her old résumé.

Yaffa turned out to be a survivor of complex trauma (multiple incidents throughout her life). She had built a career early in her life, but this was negatively impacted after difficulties led Yaffa to take out a loan a decade ago that quickly led to a declaration of bankruptcy. This made it legally impossible for Yaffa to continue to earn money and maintain a bank account for the past eight years.

During intake, while upgrading her résumé and listening to her history, the Job Desk counselor was able to build up rapport with Yaffa rather quickly due to her current crisis situation. As soon as they began to meet, Yaffa sensed that her life began to change for the better. She came in for several sessions, at least once a week, in addition to communicating by phone. Suddenly, for the first time in a long period, Yaffa was paid for a small job. This was a breakthrough!

When a contact (from an organization that runs educational programs) informed the Job Desk that his organization needed a top notch individual to immediately replace a worker that had just quit, it took only a few moments to realize that Yaffa was perfect for this position (among the documents that Yaffa sent the Job Desk, there was an impressive overview of an educational program that she had initiated and run several years ago).

Within a day or two, the potential employers met Yaffa. This homeless Job Desk client negotiated a good wage for her talents, and she was hired immediately, earning more for her new part-time job each month than the average Israeli earns at a full-time position. After a few months in this job, Yaffa’s confidence began to return, enabling her to pursue other options. She is no longer homeless and is becoming more self-sufficient again!

While we make it known to our donors that their generous donations assist homeless families in Israel with food and other basic necessities, it also helps keep our Job Desk open, thus enabling unemployed homeless Jews in Israel to support their families. The above is just one of many cases where we were able to assist in truly breaking the cycle of poverty.

Thank you everyone for your support!