Purim is supposed to be a day full of fun activities for children. While all of the kids we care for live under the poverty line, we are hard at work making sure they will truly enjoy this holiday. Our charity is currently organizing the distribution of hundreds of gifts to the poor families in need throughout the country on Purim day. But, that’s not all. So, what exactly are we planning this year and what have we accomplished so far? Let’s take a look!

Yesterday, due to your extremely generous donations, we were able to provide the children of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit with a pre-Purim costume party at our well-known soup kitchen in Jerusalem. Dozens of kids participated in this jubilant event. Snacks, gifts, and action-packed activities were made available. Of course, the occasion was filled with balloons, laughter and joy. It was just what the kids were missing. Overall, the event was a huge success!

This entire week, as we mentioned above, we are organizing food and gifts for needy families throughout Israel. Our staff continues to package food baskets for hundreds of people that desperately need the help. We make sure to accommodate as many people as possible.

Our organization is also currently organizing the distribution of food rations for the Purim feast for patients in hospitals such as the Rambam hospital in Haifa. This was all planned and is being done by dedicated volunteers.

We are also in the midst of arranging a special Purim day event. Stay tuned to see how it went!