Did you know that the charity industry alone is over $380 billion? And that’s just in the United States. Obviously, charity is part of virtually everyone’s life. These charities work tirelessly to provide basics necessities to people in need. Whether it’s clothing housing, education, or something else – charities are miracles to (unfortunately) many people. Of course, when you have this many people donating to charity, you will find a wide range of charities to give to. The problem is: how do you determine who to donate to?

Every charity is unique in their own way. Even charities that are in the same field and same country – we are all unique. So, allow us to show you three, among many, reasons why Yad Ezra V’Shulamit is unique among the various charities in Israel.

Multiple Projects

Many charities focus on a certain niche within a niche. However, here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we focus not only on food, but on education and extra-curricular activities as well. We have a Feed a Baby program that helps mother’s in need, while we also have a Children’s Center which helps to provide both education and entertaining activities to children in Israel. We even have a job desk which helps people find employment in Israel, thus breaking the cycle of poverty once and for all! To learn more about all of our projects, you can visit our ‘Projects’ page here.


It is not often that you find a charity organization that provides meals to the needy, while also employing a volunteer program. Especially here in Israel, you either find a charity that focuses on poor families, or a charity that lets people come volunteer to help pack meals for these families. With Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, it’s an all-in-one charity. Do you want to donate? No problem. Would you like to take your family on a one-day vacation to show them what it’s like to volunteer for a charity? Great! Stop by anytime!


How many people can say they have been endorsed by the Prime Minister of Israel? Thankfully, we are blessed to have been recognized by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a great charity to donate to.