Jerusalem Winter

Ah, who doesn’t like living in a place where you can truly experience all four seasons? Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – they are all unique and beautiful in their own ways for everyone…or are they? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is ‘no’.

For starters, there are a lot of people who simply hate the cold (or heat). This is especially true with people who live in certain parts of America. For example, Floridians tend to hate the cold while Bostonians tend to hate the heat. However, these people have both the option to either stay away from these temperatures and/or deal with them accordingly. For many in Israel though, it’s different.

Because Israel is such a small country, everyone experiences the four seasons. It’s unlikely to find someone who, for example, hates the heat as much as someone from Boston. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone can properly cope with the temperature. One, no matter where you travel to in the country, it will be cold in January. You can’t take a flight to Eilat and expect the high 70s like Florida in January. There’s nowhere to run. Secondly and more importantly, roughly one-third of Israel’s population lives below the poverty line. Millions of people don’t have basic necessities to help them get through the summer or winter.

It’s truly not a pretty picture, especially for those living in higher altitudes like Jerusalem. Several years ago, Israel was affected by a severe cold front in which many people lost their lives due to a lack of heat. Whether it was due to a lack of coats, blankets or heaters, the poor in Israel suffered immeasurably.

Even with our Distribution Center, which provides 1,400 winter coats as well as heaters and warm blankets to needy people in Israel, it wasn’t enough.

Like you, we would like to see every person in Israel equipped with basic supplies to protect themselves from the bitter cold. If you’d like to help us expand our coat offerings, you can do so here.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Zeevveez/CC BY 2.0