It’s that time of the week again – our weekly success story! This week’s story is sure to brighten up your day, as this is particularly heart touching considering how many kids we helped because of your donations. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Meet Leah (and her eight siblings). Leah is just seven years old. Though she is young, her low socio economic level has, in some ways, “matured” her thought process. She and her siblings don’t have the same outlook on life that most children in first world countries have. Leah and her siblings are in a particularly bad position. The parents were not living in poverty until very recently. One of Leah’s brother’s has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and has been hospitalized. Even in a socialist country like Israel, health care can cost thousands. As such, their financial situation deteriorated over a few months. Additionally, remember, the parents have eight other kids to look after. But, this is impossible due to the 24 hour attention that the hospitalized son requires.

Naturally, the remaining eight children spend most of their time alone, with the older ones looking after the younger ones. A few roam the streets and others are helped by benevolent neighbors. However, keep in mind that these are children and they should not be experiencing life like this.

Fortunately, we heard about this story and jumped into action. Though there is a sizable waiting list, this was clearly an unusual case. Now, our famous Children’s Center provides these children with the warmth and compassion they so desperately need. Needless to say, Leah and her siblings are excelling in various aspects of their lives.

While we are always thankful for both your generous online and offline donations, as we mentioned above, poverty is unfortunately still running rampant. In fact, more and more kids are living under the poverty line these days. However, our organization uses your donations to break this cruel cycle once and for all. There are countless more unfortunate cases like Leah and her family. Please consider making a donation to continue helping these children.