It’s that time of the week again – our weekly ‘appeal’ story…and that means it’s just another day in the life of our organization. As we have noted several times in the past, these stories are unfortunately not unique. We get cases like these weekly! Therefore, we are appealing to our donors and potential donors to really help make the difference in a needy family’s life. That said, here is this week’s ‘appeal:’

So you are shopping in your local grocery store. As the woman in front of you is waiting for her credit card back from the cashier, the cashier says quietly to her “ma’am, your credit card has been declined.” With no surprised look, the woman takes out another credit card and hand it to the cashier. But, that one is also declined. Then, the woman starts to say, “you know, I’m a single mother; it’s very hard on me with no one to help out with my kids.” How many of our readers have seen something similar to this? We are willing to say that most of you have. We all know of, or have heard of, the single mother who needs assistance. While almost all (if not all) single mothers surely require assistance, some are just on another level.

Allow us to introduce Esther: the single mother who is on another (poverty) level than most other single mothers in the world. Esther is a mother of six beautiful children. She has no husband to help financially or emotionally. To exacerbate the issue, Esther also suffers from a chronic illness that leaves her incapacitated and thus unable to care for her children. The illness has, quite literally, taken over her life. Yet, she is trying to be as dedicated as possible. How so? Instead of buying her much needed medicine, she decides to hold off and instead buy food for her children. Her only desire is to have warm food to provide for her children every day.

Esther knows that Yad Ezra V’Shulamit has a Children’s Center that can help. However, due to its ever increasing popularity, we simply do not have the funds to cover thousands of children. Therefore, there is a waiting list in which Esther’s children have been put on. This is our appeal to you. Please help us help Esther’s children by donating now.