Last week, we wrote about two sisters in a terrible situation. The mother was so financially unstable that the sisters would show up to school without lunch the majority of the time. When we come across stories like these, we always think to ourselves: can there be stories that are worse? Stories like these are absolutely devastating to us, and unfortunately, each week we continue to get cases like them. As we implied, this week is no different.

Recently, a young woman named Ayelet came to us. She informed us that she is getting married. We immediately congratulated her and assumed that she came to inquire about monetary assistance for her wedding. However, this was not Ayelet’s problem.

Ayelet sat down with us and briefly described her current family situation. She told us that she has three younger sisters who desperately depend on her for care. This not only includes physical care (food, clothing and other necessities) but emotional support as well. When we inquired about her parents, she said that her father passed away a number of years ago while the mother suffers from a serious mental illness. Naturally, we understood her distress. As her ‘big day’ approaches, she should be focusing on those preparations and getting ready mentally. Instead, her sole concern is for the welfare of her three younger sisters when she leaves her home. In our conversation with her, she noted, “Who will care for them when I am no longer at home?” She went on to say that she worries about this every single day.

As we say every week, we don’t turn away anyone. However, at the same time, it is difficult accommodating everyone. Thus, we end up doing the next best thing possible: we put these people in need on our waiting list. This is our weekly appeal to our donors and readers. If you could be so kind as to make a donation in order for us to help these people on our waiting list, it would be beyond appreciated. Thank you for all of your contributions to our charity!