Last week, we started a new column to run parallel to our “Weekly Success” column. This new column is called “Weekly Appeal.” The staff here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit decided to start this for many reasons. The primary one, however, is to show just how prevalent poverty is in Israel, even with millions of households donating to charity. That said, allow us to introduce this week’s appeal.

There are two sisters, who requested to stay anonymous, that are in a very tough situation. The unfortunate thing is that they have been living under the poverty line for a while and we only recently found out about their case! Thankfully, a very alert and caring teacher informed us about these girls. The teacher had mentioned that in all of the fifteen years that she worked as a teacher and even though she had seen poverty before, she had never seen a situation like this. We quickly assumed the worst, though thankfully it was not life threatening.

As it turns out, the teacher noticed that the two sisters showed up regularly to school without sandwiches or food for lunch. As first, the teacher thought that it was a technical issue, or that perhaps they simply forgot their food at home. Or, in the worst case scenario, the sisters are just not big eaters. However, when this became a regular occurrence for several days in a row, the teacher immediately called the mother. Naturally, the mother was very embarrassed and apologized profusely. She told the teacher that she did not always have bread and jam to send her children to school with due to their severely limited financial resources.

While this is a sad case, it’s even worse for us knowing that these girls need help. Because funds are limited, there is a waiting list of children in poverty that require assistance. Our aim is not to turn away any child in need. Our Children’s Center can help with all of the emotional and physical needs that these children require. Please take a look at our donations page to help get children like these two sisters off the waiting list and into our Children’s Center. We thank you deeply in advance.