If you follow our weekly blogs, you are probably familiar with our Children’s Center. If you don’t, allow us to give you a short explanation of what we do and what our mission is. Our Children’s Center was started to help children in need; in need of food, in need of clothing, in need of social and psychological assistance. From emotional to physical needs, our mission is to assist any child in need.

Since our inception, we have grown significantly. We no longer care for a handful of children; rather, hundreds rely on us per week! Therefore, this week we are dedicating our weekly blog post to our Children’s Center, which of course was made possible by our overly generous donors. That said, we do have an example of how our Children’s Center can play an integral part in a family’s life. However, with everything in life, funds are limited. Below is a recent appeal by a young mother who desperately needs our help.

A young widow lost her husband a few years ago in a brutal terror attack. Her five children were left fatherless. Emotionally, things were very difficult for her, as she needed to come up with explanations to her children that their father would not be returning home. She would try to distract them with games and toys. As time passed by, the financial situation at home deteriorated rapidly. With no clear bread winner, and her relatives dealing with their own challenges, she simply could not give the proper care to her children. However, she knew that her five children could benefit tremendously from sending them to the Children’s Center. She approached us recently and asked if we could take just two of them to provide them with the warmth and food they so desperately need.

We try our best not to turn down anyone in need. Though, as mentioned, funds are limited and there is a small list of people waiting for assistance. If you’d like to help provide a better life and future for the children under our care, please consider making a donation. We’re in this together. As the old saying goes: even $1 helps.