A few days ago, we wrote about a very important upcoming event. It will likely turn out to be one of the largest in our organization’s history. Holidays generally are a time of helping and giving. However, this upcoming event could outdo a few holiday charity events combined.

For those of you still unfamiliar with this event, it is called “Charidy.” Charidy is a fantastic idea – one that enables organizations like ours to harness the power of crowdfunding in order to raise a significant amount of money. How does it work? Great question! We thought you’d never ask! Charidy’s platform is simple. You give $1 in donations, and that $1 is now worth four times the amount. Yes – every dollar donated turns into four dollars donated!

OK but money doesn’t come out of thin air…

Yes, unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees. However, Charidy came up with a genius idea: an organization can quadruple its donation amount if they can find three “matching” donors. A matching donor is someone or some entity willing to donate $3 for every dollar a “regular” donor gives. Charidy verifies each organization’s event (that they have these three matching donors) before an event goes live.

All of Nothing

Of course there is (partly) a catch. There is an old adage that says “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” In this case, this is only partly accurate. The downside is that this event will last for 24 hours. If the $100,000 goal is not reached in this time frame, the donated money will be returned to the donors, and thus this event will have been for nothing. However, the plus side is that this is true and it is happening. We can all do something about it…it’s in your hands!

You can visit the Charidy website here tomorrow. Please consider making a donation. In this instance, every dollar truly helps.