Oftentimes, we are asked by donors to share our success stories. Resources are distributed and help is provided, but the end result is what many people are interested in. Long time readers of our blog have become familiar with these posts, and they have truly become a highlight for everyone involved. With that, here are three of many successes we have seen over the past few months!

Gilo, Jeruslam

Recently, we were approached by a family that lives in Gilo, Jerusalem, by their grandmother. The mother became a widow very young (16 years ago), and is 60% handicapped, has five children, from which four live with them at home.

The organization gives them a weekly food basket that contains fruit and vegetables, chicken and fish, and other nourishing food. This helps them throughout the whole week. Additionally, the organization helps them with food vouchers, and one of their children goes to eat lunch and spend the afternoon at our Children’s Center, where he receives warmth, love, emotional and psychological treatment, hot food, and help with his homework, and more. The child has seen dramatic improvement in both his physical and psychological state of being.

Musrara, Jerusalem

Yad Ezra V’Shulamit was also privileged to help a family of fourteen that lives in Musrara, Jerusalem. The father has a tumor in his head and the mother goes from treatment to treatment and from doctor to doctor. They both are unable to work.

Over the past few months, we have given them a weekly basket, which they receive with a very happy face. While it doesn’t solve everything, it somewhat alleviates their problems and delights their hearts. It brings some food to their hungry children who have no one left to support them. Additionally, the children go once in a while to the Children’s Center, where they receive a hot meal and help in all that they need. After just several weeks under our care, the children seem fully happy as any child should be.

Bat Yam, Israel

There is a family that lives in Bat-Yam – a single mother coming from a situation of domestic violence. The father is in prison and 3 children are at home. To say that the mother has had a hard life is an understatement. The organization has helped them with a weekly food basket that contains fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish, etc. The mother also receives help and guidance for rehabilitation. Yad Ezra V’Shulamit also provides assistance to the children via the Children’s Center. This enables them to experience a warm, comfortable and productive environment. The children’s overall health has dramatically improved.

The above examples are just three of hundreds of families that we help on a weekly basis. We are beyond grateful that we have the ability to impact the lives of so many needy people in Israel…and that’s all thanks to you!

Photo Credit: Flickr