We all know that donating to charity is important. In fact, we wrote about this several weeks ago and just how much of an integral part it plays in American society. There are various reasons why we donate to charity, but the main reason why most people donate is to help the underprivileged. Many of us look to perform a good deed/act simply out of the kindness of our hearts. Well, if you are looking for another reason to donate and one that is arguably more important than any other, here is your shot.

Here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we have been receiving an unusual amount of walk ins and phone calls from new mothers in Israel. It started with a few random calls per week. We now field dozens of calls per day from mothers who cannot afford the proper care for their own babies. These mothers have called in with absolutely devastating stories. For example, one mother told us how she makes one can of baby formula last for two weeks when it is meant to last for one week only. She dilutes the formula with water in order to make it last longer. Though she understands that the baby isn’t receiving the desired amount of nutrients, financially there is nothing more she can do. Both she and her husband work full time, and yet it is still not enough for basic necessities In another case, a mother told us that she changes her baby’s diaper only one time per day because she cannot afford changing a few diapers per day.

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many people here in Israel. Due to this, we decided to open up a ‘Baby Center’ of sorts. This center focuses solely on helping new mothers cope with the financial stress involved in taking care of a newborn baby. We currently have hundreds of baby formula cans, diapers, Gerber baby food, baby wipes and other infant products that we distribute on a daily basis.

If you’d like to learn more about this new program of ours, you can read more about it here. Additionally, be sure to check out our ‘Feed a Baby’ video here.