As the school year is coming to a close, people around the world are getting ready for summer vacation. This break is widely regarded as a time for kids to unwind and relax from the stress of the past school year. While the kids under our care may not have the exact privileges of other children, we strive to offer them fun activities and other kid friendly events (within our budget, of course).

Every summer, the children we help seem to really refresh themselves. While this break is often regarded by many parents as unnecessary or too long, it happens to be the perfect outlet for our children – both in terms of activities and the amount of time allotted. If you were to come by our Children’s Center during the summer months, you may even be able to feel the difference in the atmosphere. However, there is a saying that reads something like: the more fun you have the quicker time passes…and boy does that hold true here!

While you may be thinking: “what? the summer is just starting,” we are already planning heavily for the start of the next school year because, like every year, the summer passes faster than any other season for us and there is a ton of work to do! And, the start of each school year translates into the most amount of work. Preparing courses for the Children’s Center is a necessity and very time consuming for our counselors. Collecting clothes and school supplies via our Distribution program takes a great deal of time.

As hard as the time constraints are to handle, the biggest issue is helping to fund all of these initiatives – especially the Distribution program. Gathering thousands of pieces of clothes can be very costly. While we offer a year-round selection of used clothing at our warehouses (primarily from donations), we also offer brand news school bags, warm blankets and even heaters for the upcoming winter. We do this so no child feels inferior to another. We believe every child should be equipped with basic supplies that financially stable kids receive.

Due to the high costs, this time of year we especially rely on donations. Even though the school year is so far away, it is really right around the corner!