Who remembers the summer of 2014? It was a summer that will never be forgotten here in Israel. In June 2014, three Israeli teenage boys were abducted by terrorists and killed in cold blood. Naturally, the IDF went door to door looking for these terrorists. As detainments were made by the IDF, Hamas started lobbing rockets at Israeli civilian population centers from Gaza. A 50+ day war erupted.

Similar battles occurred in 2012 (known as Operation Pillar of Defense) and in 2008-2009 (the initial ‘Gaza War’). Again, thousands of Hamas rockets rained down on Israeli civilians during these wars.

And, in 2006, everyone remembers the Lebanon War with Hezbollah. Over half a million Israelis fled their homes in the north for safer grounds in central and southern Israel.

Unfortunately, Israel does not see quiet for long periods of time. Thus, the staff here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit decided to create an emergency relief fund for families trapped without access to food, shelter and entertainment. This fund has been a game changer for these displaced Israeli families.

Aryeh Lurie, the founder of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, along with several volunteers, delivered essential supplies to these families in need. We sent 40 trucks to cities in the south that were hit with constant missiles. We went from bomb shelter to bomb shelter. Food, water, groceries, hot meals, etc. – it was an all-inclusive package for these struggling families. Moreover, during the Lebanon War when half a million Israelis fled the north, we organized a two week summer camp complete with games, sports, performers and treats, to keep refugee children busy and happy. Even though rockets were raining down on Israel by the minute, our brave founder and volunteers delivered (literally) tons of necessities to these families throughout all of the conflicts.

We immediately saw the need for a relief fund and jumped right into action. In conjunction with our donors, we have set up this relief fund to help beleaguered families in future conflicts. If you’d like to support Israeli families in need in times of war, please do so. As always, the staff here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit along with all of the families thank you in advance for your generous contributions!