Several months ago, we started a new column called “Success.” It is a way to keep our donors and longtime readers of our blog updated on our Children’s Center. A significant portion of the donations we receive fund this center due to its high demand. Since it is one of our most notable projects, we decided to write about it openly, especially due to donor requests.

As you may know, we care for hundreds of kids per day in this center. Funds are limited and spread out across all of our projects. Therefore, while we see a great deal of success from the Children’s Center, there is still, unfortunately, a large waiting list of children waiting to be accepted to the program. This week, we won’t be focusing on any particular success story. Rather, we decided to write about one of many cases of children waiting to be accepted to our Children’s Center.

This week, we will be discussing a really unfortunate situation. Generally speaking, we tend to see mother’s come and plead their cases to help out their children. However, this week was different. A father came to us begging to accept his children into both the Yad Ezra V’Shulamit soup kitchen and the Children’s Center.

The father has two children – Roi and Noam – aged six and four. We later found out that the mother died giving birth a few months ago. This not only left the father devastated emotionally, but also out of the house for a large portion of the day due to his (overwhelming) responsibility to work and support his family.

This is an extreme case and even though they were put at the top of the waiting list, that’s where they are for now – just waiting. We simply do not have any more room in our Children’s Center.

Therefore, we humbly ask our donor base to strongly consider making a donation to our Children’s Center. Moreover, feel free to check out our Children’s Center for more information on the work we do there.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from the entire Yad Ezra V’Shulamit staff!