For those of you still unfamiliar with this weekly write up: several months ago we started a weekly column about a specific success story via Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s various programs. We have received a lot of positive feedback about this column and therefore we decided to make it into a weekly blog. These stories help keep our devoted donors up to date on how their hard earned money has helped the impoverished in Israel. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what success looked like this week:

As you can imagine, we not only receive “walk ins” from many hungry individuals but we also get a ton of phone calls. In fact, most of the initial cases we deal with are through the phone. This is likely due to the fact that being hungry and homeless can be embarrassing. We often explain to these people that they should not be embarrassed what so ever. Living in Israel can be difficult at times, and most people goes through struggles at some point in their lives. Nevertheless, whether it be shyness or embarrassed by nature, these people generally continue contacting us over the phone until they are completely comfortable.

That said, about a year and a half ago, a mother called in explaining her family’s dire situation. Both her and her husband worked, yet they still did not have enough money for basic expenditures. This included food. We encouraged her to come in and talk to us, however she only sent her daughters and husband. The thought of walking in to ask for help was too much to handle. In addition to this, her daughters were extremely skinny. The mother did not want to face people who she thought would likely judge her for the way her daughters looked. Though we made sure she understood that we never judge anyone and that each family has their own struggles, she decided to continue making phone calls. She would say, “please give my daughters attention; they hardly talk and they are very underdeveloped emotionally.”

When we saw her daughters, we quickly realized that the mother had not exaggerated one bit. Not only were they physically in bad shape but they did not receive the emotional attention that kids need (and deserve).

After one and a half years, the daughters are beyond happy and excited to come to our Center every day. We provide them with the emotional attention that was lacking, while also helping them get back into healthy shape. This, in turn, has built up their self confidence and now they interact with all of the children at the Children’s Center.

As we always say, stories like this could not have existed without your direct help. We may do the actual work that is needed to help break the cycle of poverty, however it is only because of your charity that we can do so. We, along with everyone under our care, thank you for helping us in such times of need.