By now, it is common knowledge that close to 25% of Israel’s population lives under the poverty line. These dire living conditions present numerous challenges for every family in this situation. Mental, and sometimes physical, scars are almost always apparent when encountering individuals living under these circumstances. The shock to people without first hand exposure to this is quite large. So, why are we telling you this? Aside from our desire to significantly increase awareness about poverty levels across Israel, we want to be able to connect our donors to the families under our care in order for them to fully understand why they are donating (and to who).

Many times donors are generous for the sake of being generous. Countless people tend to give willingly and without asking questions twice. While we cannot stop commending this, as we noted above, it is important for us to update our donors on where their hard earned money is going (and it’s also important for the sake of transparency). Ultimately, we want our donors to know that these donations are yielding excellent results. With that, here is our weekly success story, which was achieved all because of your donations.

Recently, two eleven year old boys came to our Children’s Center. To be completely honest, these boys did not look any different than your average middle class kids. Their outfits were nice and they looked healthy. Initially, they carried on regular conversations with our staff, though they seemed very shy and reserved. So when they kept showing up to the Center, we were perplexed. What was the story here?

As it turns out, kids are extremely resilient. It took weeks to fully understand what had happened. The mother was the one who kept on encouraging the boys to come back to the Center. After several visits, we learned that the boys were very recently orphaned of a father. As the weeks went on, the situation rapidly deteriorated to the point where the mother emotionally couldn’t handle most general tasks, including making a Bar Mitzvah.

Fortunately for them (and us), we were able to step in and help…again – because of your donations. In the end, we made a beautiful and heartwarming bar Mitzvah for these boys.

Unfortunate stories like these are commonplace for any Israeli charity…even for us. However, we truly try to make the best of each situation and go above and beyond the basic needs. How? Se tend to see each family or individual through “to the end” – we don’t stop until we see success!