Long time readers of our blog know that we cover a broad range of topics primarily focusing on the holidays or news and events around the world of the underprivileged. However, we have a new initiative on the horizon. We have decided to start running a post about individual cases under the care of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit:

The Cohen Family

The children of the Cohen family have been coming to the Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Children’s Center for two years now. Their father has unfortunately been in prison for some time, and their mother has taken the situation very difficultly. This situation has caused her depression and anxiety, and has therefore completely stopped functioning. Essentially speaking, the Cohen kids have been living with no father, no mother, no food, and no one to take care of them, physically or emotionally. When they first started coming to the Children’s Center, they were falling behind in their schoolwork, fighting a lot, lacking basic manners, and needless to say – hungry! Any kid exposed to this kind of emotional trauma will ultimately break down. This simply could not go on if they were to lead any kind of normal life.

They have been coming to our Children’s Center every day for two years now where they have been getting food, and lots of warmth, love and care. We spend an hour each day helping them with their homework, and anything they need catching up on. There is no comparison to how they looked when they arrived to now. They come in with a smile, eat nicely, play happily with the other children, and are in general calm, happy, and relaxed. It’s a beauty to watch them grow. More importantly, they have significantly advanced in their academic studies, which will help break their cycle of poverty – our end goal.

One Case of Many

It is true that each person is unique. However, the Cohen story is not quite distinctive. There are thousands in similar situations under our care and guidance. They desperately need our support. Please consider making a donation to help break the cycle of poverty.