Recently, we decided to start a weekly column featuring our success stories. Though we consider every person we care for a success, we like to highlight specific cases to help our donors see where their generous donations are going to. Below is just one of many examples of how your actions have had a positive outcome on a child’s life.

Over one year ago, we had a sweet little girl named Shulamit walk through our doors. At first, to our surprise, Shulamit seemed like a child without any need for assistance. The thing with children is that they can be very resilient. This can be a very good thing and at the same time a very bad thing.

Here’s the bad part about being resilient: you wouldn’t think Shulamit was in need watching her walk down the street. You would assume she was a regular child with a standard child background. Unfortunately though, life was starting to take a serious toll on Shulamit. This is because her mother was suffering from prolonged postpartum depression, while her father was left struggling to maintain all aspects of daily life – both inside and outside of the house. This included making money, daily house chores, and being there for his helpless wife which was a full time responsibility. Naturally, Shulamit did not have anyone to help her. She was falling way behind in her studies which led to difficult self-confidence issues. This was a little girl left to fend for herself, and even basic attention from her parents were not given. However, her resiliency enabled her to mask this quite well from the outside world.

Here’s the good part about being resilient: once we sat down with Shulamit and understood the story in its entirety, we leapt into action and do what we do best – help! Her growth has been amazing to watch. She takes her hour of homework at the Children’s Center very seriously, where she works diligently to catch up to her class. This, in effect, has been a major confidence booster. Not only is she excelling in her academic studies, but she plays nicely with other kids, talks to everyone and is extremely courteous and a pleasure to be around. While she has been with us for over a year, her transformation started almost immediately. You could see the results from the very first day.

As we mentioned above, your generous donations have enabled our extremely caring and devoted staff to deliver the tools necessary to ensure Shulamit’s personal growth. Please make a donation to help more kids like Shulamit and help break the cycle of poverty.