One of the most common issues that children face today are fine-motor disabilities. It is the reason why we have seen such a large increase in the number of occupational therapists across Israel and the world. We personally continue to see more and more cases of children in need of therapy for these issues. Thus, when a mother recently came to us for help, we weren’t surprised by the situation.

Shira is a five and a half year old child who is orphaned from her father. She arrived at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Children Center more than six months ago with severe fine-motor disabilities to the point where she physically could not hold a spoon properly while eating. Though we are not professionals, we quickly understood what needed to be done.

We spoke with Shira’s mother, and it was decided that the girl should receive occupational therapy in order to function normally. Furthermore, when the girl went for an initial visit to occupational therapists, they confirmed our beliefs. Shira was in dire need of occupational therapy. Naturally, there was no objection from the mother, who was in agreement with us and the professionals. However, though there is socialized medicine in Israel, occupational therapy often costs a lot of money out of pocket. The mother was in no financial condition to pay in full for something of this nature. That’s where we stepped in.

After five full months of intensive treatment, we are already seeing significant improvement in Shira’s condition. However, she is still in need of additional therapy in order to be able to enter first grade next year. Holding a pencil is still a difficult task for Shira. But, therapists are very optimistic that Shira will eventually overcome her difficulties.

This is just one of many cases that Yad Ezra V’Shulamit helps underprivileged parents with. Please consider donating to our Children’s Center to help children like Shira.