Long time readers of our blog know that our motto is: helping to break the cycle of poverty. They also know that we fight poverty not only by providing immediate relief (food), but even more importantly educational services. This will ultimately help these underprivileged children get jobs in the real world. But what happens when a child doesn’t want to go to school anymore? What happens when a child can’t put up with the other kids due to constantly being made fun of? Such was the case of this week’s success story – Ranaan.

Ranaan looked like your average girl. Many of the children we help have countless emotional or physical issues. Family problems are common. The house is generally a mess. The parents can’t be or simply are not around. But, that was not the case with Ranaan. When she first walked in, she seemed like a typical school girl. However, upon speaking with her and her parents, we found her to be in one of the most impoverished states we have seen.

Her family did not have the means for meals during much of the week. She was hungry and missed meals daily. When she arrived at our Children’s Center, she was wearing sandals on her feet…in the middle of winter! Her family could not afford to buy her winter boots.

Unfortunately, bullying is a worldwide issue now and Ranaan was no stranger to it. Though she didn’t suffer from physical abuse, the emotional pain was probably just as great. Other children at her school would laugh at her because of the way she dressed in the winter. Not surprisingly, she told the counselors at the Children’s Center that she doesn’t want to go back to school because she does not want to be made fun of anymore.

Aryeh Lurie, our founder, constantly notes that growing up porr isn’t a bad thing. The problem begins the moment poverty manages a child’s self-esteem. In the case of Ranaan, this was one of the worst situations we had seen in this regard.

So, we set out to build up Ranaan’s self esteem. The Children’s center bought her boots and other winter gear, gave her hot food, and now she has returned to school. She is a happy girl like anyone else and doesn’t worry about standing out as poor.

Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to provide girls like Ranaan not only clothes and food, but confidence (and a rebuild of their self-esteem) as well.