It is no secret that terrorism is a global issue, and one that affects Israel as well. But, injuries from traffic accidents far outnumber terrorist attacks in Israel. The figures are downright scary. In 2015, the number of vehicular fatalities jumped by a staggering 35% compared to the same period the year before. YNet News published an article toward the end of May 2015 showing that 143 people were killed since the beginning of 2015 – a span of less than five months. So, why is this important to today’s column?

Roughly one year ago, three of those fatalities were a father and two daughters in northern Israel. While the media in Israel does try to cover all traffic accidents, especially given Israel’s small population size, this case unfortunately for the most part was not covered. Naturally, the family was devastated. But even more so, the mother/widow was left in total despair. Aside from having to deal with the emotional state of mind, she was left to take care of her two other children, Ophir and Tahal, both emotionally and financially.

Sadly, the mother was not considered the “bread winner” in the family. She does in fact work full time, however just about all of her earnings are spent on rent and other basic necessities. The problem is that she cannot cover every basic need on her current salary. This left her two children deprived in many ways. They lack food and any sort of structure which kids so desperately need. So, she turned to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit for assistance.

Fortunately, we were able to provide daily meals through our Children’s Center and personal assistance with homework. We are able to help Ophir and Tahal overcome all of the difficulties of daily life. It is true that losing a parent is not easy (to say the least), especially for a child, however our work enables these children to focus on building their lives back up.

With your direct help, our charity is able to help various children like Ophir and Tahal. We thank you for your unconditional support and donations.