It’s that time of the week again – our weekly success column. Over the past several months, we have received very positive feedback regarding this column. Though there are many reasons for this, the main reason behind the positive feedback is due to the fact that you, our donors, want to know about individual cases in order to see exactly the type of work we do. After reading this column for a few months, our donors have phoned in to let us know that it is heartwarming to see that we not only help with basic physical necessities like food, but also with education, comfort, and stability. So without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s success story.

This week focuses on a family of seven – a father, mother, and five daughters. This may have been one of our most challenging cases simply because of the amount of time it took to fully see good results. More than one year ago, the five daughters started coming to our Children’s Center. It wasn’t hard to see why they started coming either. The father is on medication for a mental health illness. To make matters worse, the mother suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and moderate nervous attacks, resulting in her being bed-ridden for most of the day. Simply put, both parents are too low functioning to even prepare meals for the kids, let alone help with homework and emotional needs.

While it took a good amount of time to start seeing a change in the daughters’ behaviors, things finally took a turn for the better after several months. After daily dosages of warmth and hot meals on a consistent basis, the girls finally had stability in their lives. Of course, professional help and counseling played a significant role in this. Moreover, they started seeing their academic performance pick up. Due to this, they now have a lot of self-confidence, receive good grades, and have completely integrated into the school system. And for good measure, they are even able to bring meals home for themselves and their parents after the day is over at our Children’s Center.

While this week’s story was particularly drawn out over a large period of time, in the end everyone persevered. This is the power of our Children’s Center. If you’d like to help out families in similar situations, please take a look at our Children’s Center and consider making a donation.