Over the course of our organization’s existence, one of our primary missions was to help families overcome their difficulties in order to help break them out of their cycle of poverty. Essentially, we were looking to (and are continuing to) create success stories. It is not only a primary mission, but it is also one of our loftiest goals. Since we started our blog, we have documented dozens of success stories, mainly focusing on various children we have helped. This week, though, is a bit different. This week we will be writing about an entire family that Yad Ezra V’Shulamit has helped.

Over one year ago, we received word about a family of nine that was struggling immensely – both physically and emotionally. The father was in jail for a year and a half and the mother had severe clinical depression. She was in bed all day long unable able to get up, do laundry, or cook food for her kids. Before the children came here they didn’t have food to eat nor clean clothes because their mother was too low functioning. They didn’t even have enough money to buy laundry detergent.

When the children first arrived at the center, they were very brazen and rambunctious. Making matters worse, they didn’t get along with other children at our generally calm Children’s Center. Nonetheless, the Children’s Center gave them warm meals, money, and went to help the mother with laundry. When the staff arrived at their apartment, they said there were piles high of dirty laundry and the home was in absolute disorder. The staff helped take care of both their home and the children. The kids got professional emotional counseling and homework assistance. Furthermore, every day they got hot food. They also brought food home to the mother. After a month and a half, their behavior and performance in school improved dramatically. They started studying on their own and becoming friendly with their classmates. Now they have many friends and one can see them smile often. They are in high spirits. The whole family has made a complete 180 degree turn around for the better — a huge success story thanks to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Children’s Center.

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