It’s that time again – our weekly success story! For those of you who are new to this, each week we choose a notable story from our various center’s in order to show our generous donors just how much their donations have helped. Often times, the online donations help by feeding our hungry children and families. When you think of online donations, you probably think about helping to feed the hungry, or helping to uplift the spirits and self-confidence of these people. However, this week is a little different. Your donations helped the financial situation of a family in desperate need.

One of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Children Center’s was caring for a seven year old girl for several months. The girl was quiet and well mannered; she seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere of the center. Studying, eating, playing nicely with the other kids – these are things the girl looked forward to. However, after some time, she suddenly stopped coming in to the Children’s Center. Our dedicated staff realized this instantly. What was the cause? She seemed to excel and truly love the program. Curiosity turned to worrying and fear. All sorts of terrible ideas were being thrown around at what could have happened. After some digging, we found the cause, which turned out to be worse than every idea we threw around: the girl started to feel ill and her health took a turn for the worse. She was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer.

Naturally, the mental anguish for the entire family was too much to handle. When (negative) emotions are involved, it only exacerbates the situation on a whole and life, in all its forms, deteriorates. But, looking past the emotional stress, the hardest part of a situation like this may be the financial burden…and in this instance, this was precisely the case. The family completely collapsed financially and the situation was beyond difficult.

Luckily, Yad Ezra V’Shulamit was able to assist in a way that even we did not think was possible. Donations came in and we were able to help the family, and allocate money for the girl’s treatment.

After roughly one year, the girl has improved significantly, gotten stronger and has finally come back to our Children’s Center. The family is overwhelmed by the support they have received from our donors.

While stories like these are great, they would never have been possible without your contributions. Thank you, once again, for helping our families in these difficult times.