It’s that time of the week again – our weekly success story, and boy do we have a nice story for you! In fact, this may be one of the more shocking stories we have witnessed over the years. With that said, let us get into how your generous donations have enabled us to help our people in need succeed:

As we all know, childbirth can be a stressful experience, however we generally never stop to think about what life will be like after childbirth. It is clear that childbirth is difficult but child rearing is the ultimate responsibility. Parents have 18+ years of responsibility on their shoulders! Recently, a “new” mother came to us with her newborn baby and her adolescence daughter. This mother was already on strict medication due to severe depression (likely caused by financial stress). To make matters even worse, the husband was physically unable to work. With the financial burden of the newborn baby and the family on her shoulders, the mother was having trouble not only feeding her older daughter but also making sure she had the proper tools to excel in school. Just the other week, the mother made one egg for a meal and split it between her, the husband and the little girl. This is not an exaggeration – this really happened. Moreover, due to all of the curveballs life throws at her, many times the mother is completely unaware where her daughter is.

Unfortunately, the mother “cracked.” She was no longer able to physically and emotionally support the daughter. So, she turned to us for assistance and begged that we take care of her. We never need parents to beg us, no matter the case. Though we have limited financial resources ourselves, we just can’t turn down a child in need.

We took the daughter in with great pleasure. The first few days were difficult for the girl, but eventually she overcame all of her fears. We sent her home with food the first few days of being with us. The next step was for us to help her get into a good routine – school, homework and social events in our Children’s Center. After just a few weeks now, the girl is fully functioning in school, getting good grades, and playing beautifully with all of the children – both in school and in our Children’s Center. Naturally, the mother is beyond grateful that her daughter has a warm and welcoming environment to go to.

As we always say, stories like these could never have happened without your help. If you have made a donation, we thank you for all you have given, even if it’s $1. Because in the end, every dollar counts.