In our weekly success column, we often talk about families that are limited solely by financial means. These financial means in turn take an emotional toll on the family which leads to depression and other negative side effects. However, what happens when these other negative side effects are the cause of the problem? What happens when fear is the root issue? Such was the case in this week’s success story.

A family under our care is at the center of our focus this week. In this family, the mother is divorced and remarried with two kids from her previous marriage. Unfortunately, the birth father has a severe mental illness which was one of the things that caused him to chase his own daughters and try to harm them. He would frequently stalk the family at home and threaten them. Needless to say, the girls were constantly on edge. They couldn’t sleep at night and they were full of fear. To make matters worse, the mother and stepfather didn’t have enough money to cover rent or buy food. The family was in a really bad position. So they turned to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit.

At the Children’s Center, they got the safety and security they needed. The entire family got a hot meaty lunch, the staff worked with the police, and the father stopped chasing them. The children worked with counselors and started to feel safer. At the children’s center, the children felt they could calm down and relax. After months of rehabilitation, they now sleep well at night and no longer suffer from severe trauma or fears. Thankfully they are happy, confident, and secure children. They also have enough food to function well at school and make many friends.

Several months later we saw the full results. The mother is so grateful for the children center’s care. In tears, she told a counselor here, “You have saved the lives of my daughters.”

This was a unique case for us and one that we were overjoyed to help with. Your donations have significant impacts on the lives of many families, including the one mentioned in this post. We thank you for all of your generous donations.