I think we can all agree that poverty is a terrible thing. Even the most economically stable countries suffer from high-ish poverty rates. It seems like the larger the world grows in regard to population statistics, the more prevalent poverty becomes. Thankfully, countries across the globe are playing active roles in trying to eliminate poverty, even if there is minimal effect.

Unfortunately, one of those governments who have a good deal of programs but with little success is Israel. The stats don’t lie. Back in 2011, Israeli poverty rates were at a dismal 28%. You would think the tech hub of the Middle East would be cutting that figure down year over year. Sadly, this is not the case. A mere five years later and the current poverty rate in Israel stands at a whopping 31%! At this rate, in less than 25 years from now, Israeli poverty rates will be at 50%! That is a scary statistic when you really think about it, not only for the individuals and families who are suffering, but for the country on a whole.

But enough about poverty statistic. Today we will focus on the positive stories our team sees week in and week out. A few years ago, a family with eleven children came to us for some much needed assistance. They were living in a one room apartment with no income. The situation was clearly not ideal to say the least. Fast forward a few years later and their youngest child, who was 11 months at the time when they asked for help, is now a few years old. She was in need of special education.

While some of these services are subsidized by the government, not all of it is. Sending a child to a special education institution can be relatively costly for Israelis living on the poverty line. Most would even say it is impossible to handle financially.

Naturally, we went into action and provided full coverage for this girl. After just a few months in this institution, we have seen a very nice improvement.

The parents of this family know just how much the donors are the backbone of our organization. True, our staff plays an integral part in the day to day activities. However, it is you – our donors – who are the most important in achieving success for impoverished families in Israel. Thanks to you, we are able to help thousands of needy people in Israel!