Has the Third Intifada begun? Many people across the world believe so. Call it what you want, but the facts are undeniable – Israel is under attack, and not just physically. Naturally, the global media has yet again jumped on the bandwagon of anti-Israel propaganda. This may be an even greater danger than physical threats against Israeli citizens. The media has historically presented the Israeli public as a diverse bunch (they continue to do so today), with widely varying positions about the Israeli-Arab conflict. While this is certainly true, many have claimed that the purpose of this tactic is to separate the Jews of Israel.

Don’t listen to the media! Don’t believe everything you hear. Like the First and Second Intifadas, like the random terror attacks throughout Israel’s existence, like the wars against the Arab countries – these conflicts only bring out the unity in our beautiful people, and this is showing even more during these attacks. It is completely irrelevant if you are Ethiopian, Hassidish, Sfardi, Ashkenazi, religious, secular, or even Arab! Every proud Israeli citizen is doing everything possible to protect one another. And the miracles are countless.

The goal of these terror attacks are crystal clear. The Palestinians in Judea & Samaria, the ones who hate Israel, understand that they cannot physically take down Israel in one shot. Thus, the goal is (and always has been) to instill fear into the Jewish Israeli population. While there are random unprovoked Arab attacks against Israelis going on, and we are jittery and constantly looking over our shoulders to see who looks suspicious, we won’t let it consume us! All of this is outweighed by the love and togetherness we all feel. We know we will win! We know we are in this together! And we know that G-d is on our side!

We call on you, our friends abroad, to join us and show your support. Pray for us. Do an extra good deed for us. Together, we will get through this. Am Yisrael Chai!