Your son’s Bar Mitzvah is coming up. You start to stress. Where are we going to do it? How are we going to do it? Who’s doing what? A hall, a DJ, the flowers, the place settings – it doesn’t end. So, like many American Jews, you decide that if it’s going to be this stressful, you may as well go all out. You decide to plan the Bar mitzvah…in Jerusalem, Israel!

Ah, good old Jerusalem. It is a frequently cited destination for American Jews looking to do a Bar (or Bat) Mitzvah. The uniqueness of the city, the holiness, the Kotel – they are just some of the things that draw you to Israel for an event like this. Plus, you get to clear your head for a few days about all the planning you will need to do for the party back home. It’s really a great idea. Except for the fact that now, you have no idea how to spend your time in Jerusalem.

There are many Facebook groups out there about things to do in Israel. How many of you have seen people post about “things to do in Jerusalem while I’m there for a bar Mitzvah”? All of you? Yeah, we thought so. It’s possibly among the most popular questions in these groups. Here, you will find the same old answers: tour the Old City, the Shuk, Ben Yehudah street, etc.

The above are all great suggestions. The thing is that this isn’t just a regular leisure trip. This is a trip that you want to be meaningful for you, your family and your bar mitzvah boy. You want it to be unique. To help instill values in your now ‘adult’ child. Great news! We can help with that!

If you are coming to Israel for your son’s bar Mitzvah, you may want to check out the Yad Ezra V’Shulamit warehouse via our Bar Mitzvah program. You’re invited to come to our Warehouse with your family and friends for an unforgettable volunteer experience and see close up how we fight hunger in Israel. Help us pack food baskets which are distributed throughout Israel each week.

So, if you’re looking to make an impact on both the life of your family and the needy in Israel, this is a truly great and unforgettable experience.

Photo Credit: Flickr