Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s new building will be an oasis for thousands of impoverished Jewish people in Tzefat. This beautiful complex, overlooking the scenic hills of Meron will enable us to provide a multitude of much-needed services for thousands.

Recognizing Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s tremendous work in helping the poor of the city, the mayor of Tzefat donated the land and infrastructure for the building. This beautiful four-story building will include:

• An eye clinic.

• A distribution point for thousands of food baskets each week.

• A Children’s Center where 450 children receive a hot meal daily.

• A center for at-risk youth.

• Vocational training programs.

THE CHILDREN’S CENTER: At 470 square meters, the Center’s spacious hall will serve as a cafeteria for over 500 children each day. It will be converted into a Banquet Hall in the evening that will provides low-cost events, such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings, for Tzefat residents. The hall will provide over sixty jobs, filling a great need in a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

TEENS-AT-RISK: Yad Ezra V’Shulamit currently has five seperate Teen Centers located in bomb shelters that were donated by the city for at-risk teens in Tzefat. The new building will allow us to move to proper facilities and serve hundreds more youth-at-risk. Our trained counselors help high school drop-outs and kids living on the street get back on track. Each location has nightly activities including pool tables, computers, play stations, food, classes and a safe place to be with trained counselors who help these kids point their livesin the right direction.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Our vocational training programs will give at-risk second chance in life, and the strength to believe in their potential. They’ll learn invaluable life skills that will take them off the streets, back into school, and onto a meaningful career path. Our new facilities will enable us to serve hundreds more young people.