Every year at the Seder we say “Whoever is hungry, let them come eat.”

One out of three children in Israel go to bed hungry each night. But this Pesach we say – DAYEINU! We want every hungry child in Israel to have food to eat at the Seder. 

Partner with Yad Ezra V’Shulamit to make this a reality. Thousands of widows, orphans and children need a helping hand and you can help by donating a food basket that will feed a needy family for Pesach. We want to ensure that this year everyone will fulfill the obligation of a beautiful, meaningful Seder, enabling all Jews to pass the story of our freedom from one generation to the next.

They turn to us – we turn to you. Help us give 20,000 food baskets this year so that we can all celebrate the holiday without hunger and with dignity. Together, we can ensure Israel’s poor has what to eat on Pesach. Give a basket today.