Due to the reach modern technology provides us, along with tremendous ideas made into reality, people across the globe are able to accomplish things that would have seemed impossible only 25 years ago. One of those amazing ideas turned into reality is called Charidy, a fundraising platform that leverages the use of the crowd. As you probably know, we held an incredible fundraising event over one week ago through this platform (Charidy). This event was, by far, our most talked about fundraiser in our history.

The target donation amount of this campaign was our most brazen move ever – a whopping $200,000! $200,000 is a lot of money for any Israel charity; imagine what $800,000 would be like. Well, imagine no more! Through Charidy, anyone who donated $1 automatically saw their donation amount quadruple. This was made possible by Yad Ezra V’Shulamit finding and having three large donors who were willing to match every dollar donated. Another crazy factor that made this campaign very intense was the fact that we only had 24 hours to reach the goal. If it would not have been reached, all of the money would have been sent back to the donors, and none would have gone to our families under our care. With your help though, we achieved what we thought was unlikely!

Due to this, thousands of hungry people in Israel will receive the aid they desperately need. Food baskets will be filled. Assistance at our Children’s Center will continue and hopefully grow. Our current projects will keep on giving. And we will, with God’s help, be able to open new charity initiatives for the thousands under our care.

How? Because of you! Your continued online donations, along with your help regarding the Charidy event, has enabled us to help the poor and end the cycle of poverty. We did our best and you certainly did your best! With that, we thank you very much for all you have given.

-Team Yad Ezra V’Shulamit