There are various reasons as to how individuals or families fall into poverty. In fact, there are too many to list in one article. But, the reality remains: poverty is rampant. So instead on focusing on what looks to be the impossible (i.e. stopping poverty from occurring in the first place), we are taking a different approach to the situation. Our goal is to focus on the impoverished individual and stop poverty from ever coming back.

While we noted that there are various reasons as to how people fall into poverty, for children, from our experience it generally has to do with their upbringing and education. By focusing our efforts on these two areas, we have a proven model of success for eradicating poverty in future generations.

Thankfully, every child under our care is excelling in their academic courses, and are living a fun and fulfilling life. That’s what our Children’s Center is all about! However, sometimes situations are worse than others and therefore require more attention. Until a few months ago, we would work extra hard on some extreme cases, but the results would always come.

Our Work Cut Out

We have catered to children in the past that were very behind in their schooling. This happens to many kids, regardless of socio-economic standing. But, we had never come across a child who was not only behind but wasn’t completing any work assignments – both in school and at home. What’s more is that the parents came and told us that they’ve tried a few times getting their daughter the help she needed. But, it never worked.

Of course, it looked like mission impossible to us. A daunting task if you will. Nevertheless, we were up for the challenge! After all, this is how we break the cycle of poverty. It’s the most powerful and effective method that we’ve seen.

The daughter began going to our Children’s Center, where she received the help and support from our counselors. But, in addition to this, due to our counselors relentless effort, the girl also developed the motivational skills necessary to change her outlook on school. Within four months of these rigorous counseling sessions, the teacher spoke to her mother about how impressed she was about the girl’s advance and how she was just about on the level of the general class.

Just another win for the Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Children’s Center!

Photo Credit: Flickr – Paul Downey/CC BY 2.0