Brrrrr. It’s getting cold out there! Winter is just around the corner here in Israel. We have already seen temperatures drop by over ten degrees. This is the time of year where children are constantly catching a cold. The main reason behind this is because children are not dressed properly for this weather. Unfortunately, as many of us are aware, parents cannot afford a new wardrobe for their kids year in and year out. That’s where our distribution center comes in.

Every year, our distribution program outfits hundreds of needy children and teens across Israel. While it is true that we deliver back packs and other school essentials, we are very focused on warm clothing ,especially during this time of the year. In the past, we have given out over 14,000 coats during the winter season. This number will likely continue to grow as the years go on. Moreover, we also donate hundreds of warm blankets and heaters in advance of the winter season. This will enable the families under our care to take preventative action before their children experience sickness.

Additionally, while it is true that many people who are familiar with Yad Ezra V’Shulamit know that the distribution center hands out supplies for the winter, that’s not all what it’s about. Year round, we make sure that the children who come to our center are cared for. Winter, summer, you name it – our distribution center is there for them.

We, like you, want to see every Jewish child equipped with basic supplies he/she needs to fulfill his/her potential.

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