This time of the week, we generally update our donors about our recent successes we have seen. Thankfully, we are able to help thousands of people in Israel who desperately need basic necessities. The children are the ones who end up benefitting from this the most. However, the parents are also able to benefit, as their children come home relaxed, full, and well educated. But, it stops there for the parents.

Though the kids come home relieved and ready for the next day, the parents are left worrying about the rest of the week. Day in and day out, we see the expression on the parents faces when they come to pick up their children from our Children’s Center. Naturally, we do as much as possible to alleviate some of this stress they are experiencing.

Due to your generous donations to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, our Children’s Center is not only able to provide full care for the children in need, but we almost always have leftover food. But that creates a big predicament for us. Often times there is a ‘fight’ over which parents get to take home the leftover food. And as you know, all of the families need the food desperately. These families don’t have enough money to buy food for their kids or themselves on a consistent basis. And, it seems as if each set of parents are poorer than the next.

We try to be as fair as possible by creating a rotation so every family can get as much as possible. Sometimes, due to dire conditions, some parents still call up and ask why they didn’t get the food that’s leftover. This is clearly not an ideal situation.

Though our Children’s Center is certainly not lacking when it comes to delivering food to the poor children in Israel, we are currently looking for help in providing even more food not just for the children in the Children’s Center but for all of the families involved here. We understand the sacrifices you make to donate to us and are beyond grateful for your contributions. If you’d like to continue donating to our charitable cause, we would greatly appreciate it.