It was supposed to be another morning. The staff here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit got together to discuss what will be discussed on our all-popular blog. We like to keep our readers informed of the various initiatives we have started, or are going to start in the future. This enables us to keep a transparent nature with you – our generous donor base. However, the famous phrase “man plans and God laughs” held true that morning. Blogging about our organization’s initiatives was abruptly put on hold.

By now, we are all aware of the horrific and barbaric attacks in Paris, France. These terrible acts claimed the lives of well over 125 people, and injured hundreds more. Though Israel experiences similar acts of terror on an almost daily basis, especially now during the Third Intifada, it pains us dearly to see other free civilizations suffer as we do.

After we processed what we had just seen, we had time to gather our thoughts. We realized that the holiday of Hannukah is approaching – the Festival of Lights. The light that the candles give off are often regarded as a means to lift our spirits and show that better days are ahead. It is our hope that we see light after all of this darkness.