The Chanukah food packing was a success with the help of the many volunteers who came out to feed Israel’s poor people on December 28th 2016.   Over 150 friends and families came out to pack  3,000 food baskets at our first ever Holiday Food packing event.  Included in the event was music, fun and an interactive video presentation for all.

One of our volunteers, “Rebbetzin Tap” came out with her entire family and shares her packing experience with us,

“My family and I had a very fun and meaning experience at the Ezra V’Shulamit packing experience. It was interesting learning a little about how the food is packaged and delivered. We enjoyed “getting our hands dirty” and the feeling of contributing. I recommend this activity to all families”.

Just because the Hanukkah event has ended, doesn’t mean Yad Ezra V’Shulamit food packing program has…Hunger is a year round problem, which means you can donate and volunteer throughout the year.  Please contact us directly at to hear about further volunteer and giving opportunities.