Diabetes, a lifelong condition, causing one’s blood sugar or glucose level to be increased, is an illness commonly known to the general population.   Glucose is critical to your health because it is an important source of energy for the body’s cells which make up your tissues, muscles, and brain cells. Too much glucose in the blood can cause major health problems.

Taking care of one’s health, as a diabetic, is a daily chore, a responsibility that is so critical to staying alive. Daily routines for many diabetics become centered around their illness. Diabetes pills in the morning to lower blood sugar, set meals planned by a dietitian, insulin shots twice a day, blood sugar monitoring, regular exercise to keep weight and sugar down, various therapies, doctor visits, dietitian visits. Hard to imagine getting along with regular life when having to take care of all of this! Work, family, household chores, it’s endless without a pervasive illness, imagine it with! For those diagnosed with diabetes, the diabetes maintenance itself is a full-time job. Karmeen Kulkarni, former president of health care and education for the American Diabetes Association said, “Diabetes is a very time-consuming disease to manage well. The medication, the food, the physical activity – you add life in general to that whole picture and it ends up being quite challenging.”

Meet Jeff and Mina. Both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. With their home responsibilities, children, and low- income jobs, both find that life with the addition of diabetes is overwhelming and stressful. While having each other for support, knowing they each struggle daily to maintain their health is overwhelming. Both know the risk factors involved with their common illness and they worry about their children who have been exposed for so long to their limitations and challenges.  Yad Ezra V’Shulamit helps to alleviate that worry. In the Children’s Center, Jeff and Mina’s family are taken care of. They are provided with hot meals for dinner, homework help, access to computers for educational advancement, and a loving staff who supports them emotionally and educationally. Jeff and Mina now have a bit more time and energy to deal with their illness, knowing their children have the added support that they deserve. Another win for Yad Ezra V’shulamit!