The Latet Organization recently released a study on poverty as part of its yearly Alternative Poverty Report with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.

The facts are in and they are chilling:

  • A 31.9% overall poverty rate present in the Israeli population, with an overall 2.624 million Israelis living from paycheck to paycheck, including 1,000,000 children
  • 62% of parents passing on drugs and/or medical care for their children on a regular basis
  • 37% of parents supporting their children by skipping meals
  • 27% of children reporting feeling hungry at some point over the past year
  • 14% of respondents reporting going an entire day without food, resorting to stealing and/or begging to eat

These statistics bear witness to an alarming reality of poverty in Israel.

Yad Ezra V Shulamit’s primary goal is to break this cycle of poverty by providing food, clothing, and emergency relief to tens of thousands of Israeli children and families each year.

  • Yad Ezra V Shulamit distributes upwards of 3,000 food baskets weekly in cities throughout Israel
  • Their Children’s Centers provide food, educational support and fun activities for children daily
  • They distribute new coats, shoes, blankets and heaters throughout the winter months to those in need

The children and families of Yad Ezra V Shulamit are not just statistics. They have faces. They have stories. They are your neighbors, your employees, your brothers and sisters. Just like you, they want to live in dignity. Just like you, they want a chance to be productive members of society.

Aryeh Lurie, Yad Ezra V’ Shulamit’s founder, has made it his life mission to offer those chances to children and families who grew up like him. He knows what it means to go to sleep on an empty stomach. He knows what it means to live in a cold and damp house, without heat, without coats. He knows what it means to be a statistic.

Aryeh Lurie vowed to himself that when he grew up he would act for the benefit of all of Israel……and he has. Yad Ezra V Shulamit is a testimony to his dedication to those living in poverty.

“If the statistics are right, today’s poor child will be tomorrow’s poor adult. We appeal to our friends around the world to help us break the cycle of poverty for good.” – Aryeh Lurie

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For more information about the Children’s Centers and Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s national humanitarian campaigns, please visit the organization’s website at, or e-mail: