We have mentioned several times in the past that poverty levels, even in first world countries, are extremely high. Moreover, it seems like the middle class, which makes up about 50% of America, is being dragged further toward the poverty line. There is a very similar pattern shaping up in Israel. In fact, the situation is much more dire. If things continue this way, there is a high likelihood of more people falling into poverty.

Fortunately, there are thousands of charity organizations around the world. We recently wrote about the fact that 95% of households in America donate to charity…to the tune of roughly $360 billion in 2014 alone. This is simply fantastic, especially because it shows the righteousness of people no matter their income class. From the rich to the poor, almost everyone is donating money. However, people have been donating for decades, yet poverty has only increased (until a few years ago). With all of this monetary assistance, one would assume this would at least drastically reduce poverty rates. But unfortunately, it has not (until very recently).

Money is the primary tool in providing immediate relief to the needy. However, we have clearly seen from the data over the past few decades that money alone does not reduce or eliminate poverty. This is why our motto is “Break the Cycle of Poverty.” There are several steps in which we can all break the cycle of poverty.

  1. Donate Money – the obvious first step is to donate online or through other channels. As we mentioned, money is the primary tool for providing immediate
  2. Provide Food­ – the money is then used to deliver basic eatable necessities to families in need. This helps eliminate the suffering of missing a meal or outright hunger.
  3. Create Programs – once the underprivileged are fed, they are much more likely to think with a clear mind. This is the optimal time to create “after hours” programs. These programs should focus on educating the person in need. This involves career guidance and networking. It also involves helping to find them a suitable job.
  4. Activities – it is true that though they will be looking for a job, their self-confidence will likely be very low. Living below the poverty line is a main contributor to self-esteem issues. By setting up recreational activities and professional counselors, you help to build their confidence again which will enable them to network and get a job they desire.

There is no set method in breaking the cycle of poverty. However, education is probably the most important step in really breaking the cycle. Though, while education is clearly the most important factor, it all starts by donating money. Without financial assistance, charity organizations like Yad Ezra V’Shulamit cannot operate education centers with various programs. Please kindly consider donating to our leading charity in Israel to help break the cycle of poverty once and for all.